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Body and brain fitness go hand in hand. Give us your body and we will take you on a journey where the destination is life-long health.


Your initial consultation will last for 1.5 hours, in which Adele will provide relevant tools for you to take away. A complete and bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programme will follow. Education is central to Adele's approach, so you will also learn why your symptoms are showing up as they are.

Natural Medicine & PNI

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors worked in harmony with nature to survive. As 'modern' humans we've strayed far from that path, with chronic disease a hallmark of excessive living. But there are ways to restore the body and mind back to health without the need for surgery or prescription drugs.

Genetics & lifestyle

With the spotlight on genetics in modern medicine, there are many tests consumers can buy direct. But what does it all mean? With DNALife testing we do the work for you, and provide bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice so your genes can work in your body's best interests.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health is fast overtaking many of society's big killer physical diseases. Stress and anxiety related issues plague our youth, and the fear of dementia in our later years. Yet solutions are found in healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Health & fitness performance

What does it take to get your best body? You won't get it by settling for a 'one-size fits all' approach to fitness. Personalised nutrition goes hand-in-hand with personalised training if maximum performance is your goal. Get in touch to find your own winning formula.

Metabolic Balance®

With over a 90% success rate worldwide, Metabolic Balance® has enjoyed rave reviews by high-profile celebrities who've experienced its life-changing effects. If you want to join in the success story and change the way you 'think' about food, get in touch today.

Adele, you are the kindest person! I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t been referred to you when I was suffering so badly with my hormones and skin. For the first time in so long I feel calm and know there’s help! Thanks to your education I am now a firm believer that what I put in and on my body affects everything. I respect and trust you 100%. What a lady to know! Thank you. I feel very grateful.
— Rachel McDermott
Gaining insights into my DNA was a revelation. I realise I was over training and understand now why I was getting injured more and my recovery slow. Thanks Adele for helping me to feel back in control!
— Ciprian Moscu
I tried everything in the book – all the usual dieting and exercise programmes. Nothing worked. Medics apparently call people like me ‘non-responders’. Then I met Adele who put me on Metabolic Balance®. The programme effectively changed the way my body uses and stores energy. It’s been a total revelation! Three months in, I can’t believe what’s happened to me — nor can my girlfriend, friends and colleagues!
— Jon Nash