Adele Wolstenhulme
Profit from your health

Adele Wolstenhulme

Profit from
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We all have a health ‘story’. If yours has taken over your life, we can help put you back in control.

We're not programmed to live as we do now, frazzled to a point where our brains have forgotten how to tell our bodies when to switch off. When did life get so busy? We think there's something very wrong in our society when people get overwhelmed with day-to-day living. It doesn't help that care home pension planning is thrust upon us before we reach our 40s.

As a nation we seem to be obsessed with 'health'. One minute fat is bad and then it's not. How much is too much when it comes to sugar and children's health? And why are so many of us succumbing to depression? The consumer press is never short of a celebrity or two claiming to have found the dieter's holy grail. Whomever you ask, you're likely to get a different answer.

When there's very little brain energy just to get through the day, trying to find out how you can help yourself, where to go and who to consult is a risky business. We recognise this. We're a team of health professionals from a traditional medical background allied with natural health practitioners, and are here to support and guide individuals and businesses to better health. So let's change the narrative and help you and your business get back to enjoying the day-to-day, with energy left over.

Adele Wolstenhulme  Director, Clinical PNI, Nutrition Consultant

Adele Wolstenhulme
Director, Clinical PNI,
Nutrition Consultant

What we can do for you

your health

Body and brain fitness go hand in hand. Give us your body and we will take you on a journey where the destination is life-long health. We will show you ways to restore your body and mind back to balance without the need for surgery or prescription drugs.


We're health professionals focused on building a 'health conscience' within teams, and are experienced in helping create health-conscious businesses. We can help you turn your vision into reality and empower people to live better lives.

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As I see it, every day you do one of two things:
build health or produce disease in yourself.
— Adelle Davis, US Nutritionist