Adele Wolstenhulme
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Adele Wolstenhulme
FdSc. DipcPNI. DipION. BA(Hons). DipIT Sec Man.



Level: Diploma / Foundation MSc
Institution: Natura Foundation
Field of Study: Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (cPNI)
Dates: 2011 – 2013

Level: DipION
Institution: Institute for Optimum Nutrition
Field of Study: Nutritional Therapy & Clinical Training
Dates: 2004 – 2008

Level: FdSc
Institution: University of Bedfordshire
Field of Study: Nutritional Therapy & Applied Nutrition
Dates: 2004 – 2008

Level: DipIT Sec Man
Institution: University of Leicester
Field of Study: Information Technology & Security Management
Dates: 1994 – 1995

Level: BA (Hons)
Institution: University of Leicester
Field of Study: Politics
Dates: 1991 – 1994

Special Interests

General and mental health conditions, digestive health, IBS, stress management, female health, thyroid / adrenal health, weight management, skin health, food allergies/intolerance, cancer support.

Further Information

As well as providing one-to-one private therapy, Adele also offers consultancy services to corporates, bar & restaurants and meetings and events planners, respectively.

Thank you Adele. You were just lovely. Your passion and enthusiasm certainly paid off. Everyday was filled with gorgeous food. It enhanced the whole experience, which is hard to do justice to with words.
— Grainne O'Shea Harbison, Nutritional Therapist