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Mindfulness for anxiety: an online course

If worries are controlling your mind, and crippling anxiety has become a daily spectre, this course can help you take back control.

This one hour online course is a gentle introduction to mindfulness and gratitude, helping to reduce anxiety and build strong foundations for happiness. It is suitable for teenagers and adults who are new to mindfulness, and can easily be gifted to other people.

How can this online course help you?

Enjoy the liberation that mindfulness can bring by practising simple ways to free yourself of repetitive, anxious thought patterns.

Discover how mindfulness can easily be incorporated into even the busiest of lives, providing strong foundations that help you gradually flourish into the peaceful, happy person that you want to be.

Practice the power of coming back to your breathing, building a core of relaxed inner strength that you can take with you into every stressful situation.

Explore the transformative power of gratitude and appreciation: a technique backed by science that draws on the combined wisdom of mindfulness and positive psychology.

Explore the free preview and enjoy 50% reduction in the price now through this link. To gift it to somebody else, just click the “Gift this course” tab above the free preview video on : please click here first to go to the Udemy website.

What will I learn on this Mindfulness for Anxiety online course?

  • How to develop a sense of inner peace and security using mindful breathing

  • Enjoy simple gratitude and appreciation techniques that connect you more positively to the world around you, including a free “Appreciating Windowsills” app to download

  • Feel stronger, safer and more resilient by transforming negative thought patterns into positive ones

  • Create strong foundations of mindfulness to support you through life’s challenges

  • Make friends with anxiety so that you can work together to build a happier life

  • Simply relax and enjoy life more!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask…and of course you are welcome to share this information with anyone else whom you think may be interested.

The course is suitable for teenagers and adults who are new to mindfulness but who would like to explore how it can help to reduce anxiety and increase a sense of security and happiness. I hope you enjoy it!

Online course by Katie Sheen.

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