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Metabolic Balance™

Metabolic Balance


With over a 90% success rate worldwide, Metabolic Balance®* has enjoyed rave reviews by celebrities who've experienced its life-changing effects. If you want to join in the success story and change the way you 'think' about food, get in touch today.


The all natural weight management & health programme

Metabolic Balance® has over a 90% success rate worldwide with all who undertake it. Adele personally followed the programme, prior to training as a coach. Erratic hormone patterns have a profound impact on weight, as well as other areas of health. As a result, helping clients to become efficient at burning fat for fuel to regain metabolic flexibility has become one of Adele’s main areas of expertise, combined with the principles fundamental to PNI. Adele has had amazing results with the programme, especially with regards to the lowering of inflammation levels within the body. As a result Metabolic Balance® adopts the phrase 'the all natural weight management and health programme’. Metabolic Balance® is a complete health improvement programme, and focuses on eating a wide variety of 'real’ foods that don’t harm the body by being easily digestible. Clients universally agree that it changes the way they 'think' about food.

The 12-week coaching package includes the following:

  • 5 face-to-face nutrition consultations (including email and text support as you go through the programme (also via Skype). The first session takes a full medical history, dietary preferences, considers stress levels and sleep. Under the Metabolic Balance® programme, the first consultation lasts 1.5 hours, followed by 4 x 1-hour consultations, including taking body metric measurements, together with updates on progress.

  • A comprehensive functional blood test with the Doctor’s Laboratory (a complete overview of your health, including kidney function, cholesterol, liver function, thyroid hormone levels and conversion to active T3, iron and vitamin D status, and HbA1c for plasma glucose concentration). T3 is included as an additional marker for clients in the package price. Reverse T3 is also available at the additional cost and highly recommended for a complete thyroid health picture.

  • Full body metrics taken (muscle mass whole body and limbs; fat mass; bone density; metabolic age; BMI; basal metabolic rate; water/hydration level in muscles).

  • A personalised nutrition plan generated by Metabolic Balance® HQ in Germany (medical doctors oversee the creation of the plans), unique for your body’s requirements to regain metabolic balance for overall health and your body’s natural shape for weight management. A fully-bound personalised programme with complete directions of phases 1-4, a personal 'shopping helper' to take with you when buying your foods for the plan.

  • Complete recipe guide and top tips document to help you get started and support you throughout.



"I tried everything in the book – all the usual dieting and exercise programmes. Nothing worked. Medics apparently call people like me ‘non-responders’. Then I met Adele who put me on Metabolic Balance®. The programme effectively changed the way my body uses and stores energy. It’s been a total revelation! Three months in, I can't believe what's happened to me — nor can my girlfriend, friends and colleagues!"

–Jon Nash, Brighton

Jon slimmed down from 110kg to 88.8kg in 12 weeks on Metabolic Balance®.

Jon slimmed down from 110kg to 88.8kg in 12 weeks on Metabolic Balance®.


"Although Adele told me how effective this programme was, nothing really prepared me for the amazing results that followed. In just 12 weeks I lost 22lb, 31cm from my waist and 15cm from my hips. AMAZING! Metabolic Balance® HAS changed my life, improved my confidence, given me a sense of good health and wellbeing, totally changed my mind set on foods, oh and done wonders for my relationship with my husband! In fact it has done everything Adele said it would and everything I wanted too. So Adele, the BIGGEST thank you for helping me get my life back on track and becoming a friend for life."

– Debbie Swales, Chesterfield

"This is a regime which really works and is so easy to follow. I am in my fifties and wanted to feel more energy, and to just feel healthier. I achieved both with Metabolic Balance®. A bonus has been the weight loss which I had not planned for or expected, but all the weight that crept up on me through my forties and through the menopause disappeared within 8 weeks – and it has not come back. By following some very simple rules, metabolic balance has changed the way I look and feel, and given me bags of confidence. It has also changed the way I eat by sticking to some very simple principles, but I never really yearn for something I can’t have – I eat it in moderation. I was never hungry, in fact the portions were sometimes too generous, and there was loads of variety. The first fortnight required a little willpower as cooking with no oil at all can make food rather dry. But once that stage was over it was easy peasy. I weighed my food at home (and even travelled away for days on business) but in the more relaxed phase I became quite good at estimating portion sizes when I was out. The results were spectacular and having Adele always available by phone or email to answer questions, was fabulous and the mid-point check-up really spurred me on as the differences were clear. I wish I had known about Metabolic Balance® years ago!"

– Sarah Branquihno, London


"Metabolic Balance was the best thing that ever happened to me! It gave me back my confidence & health. I lost best part of 3 stone & lost weight in places I never knew I needed to! More importantly, my chronic back pain that I struggled with on a daily basis is now non-existent, and I am fully in control of my diet. I can now feel confident that I can have a treat, knowing that if I stick to Metabolic Balance® it will not hinder my progress. I spent a lot of my life trying different diets, exercising every day, none of which worked for me, Metabolic Balance® not only worked for me & got me to my target weight in 3 months as promised, it is now a massive part of my lifestyle & I will be forever grateful to Adele for introducing it to me & changing my life for the better."

– Natalie Jolly, London


"Before I started Metabolic Balance® I had hardly any energy to get up in the mornings. Getting through my working day was difficult. I felt constantly ‘foggy’ and couldn’t think clearly at all. Not good when you run the operations for a company! The first few weeks on the programme were tough, but I knew I had to keep going and get through it. After just 5 weeks in, not only was my physical transformation amazing, but also my mental clarity was back again, and I was able to do much more than get through my day. I felt motivated for the first time in months, and even found a personal trainer because of my new energy levels. The best part of Metabolic Balance® is how it helps you to listen to your body and understand when certain foods really aren’t agreeing with you, and it helps to re-educate you about food shopping. I now eat a much more varied diet and know that I’m in control."

– Sarah Wightman, Brighton


"I had been generally been very fit but from 2008 onwards, I noticed a real difference in my ability to exercise and my 'reaction' to eating certain foods. This not only affected my leisure/sporting activity but also my ability to remain alert at work. Whilst I did not start this to lose weight, the results have been pleasantly surprising as I was somewhat cynical before I started. The main aim was to gain my energy back which has been achieved and I have had the added bonus of losing weight as well. I do exercise a lot but this has been much easier with the correct diet, and when I do deviate, I quickly realise that without the correct input to my body, the output just doesn’t happen as easily or with the same pleasure. I would say you do need self –motivation, but the results are very rewarding."

– Peter Birkett, Huddersfield


"Metabolic Balance® is a personalised eating plan that has improved my health and my energy levels by simply changing my eating habits. I have learnt to be creative with food and to enjoy my meals. I can now exercise first thing in the morning and have breakfast afterwards feeling great, which is something I could not have done before. My body is more efficient at turning fat into muscle and my sugar levels have been balanced, to name a few of the positive changes I have experienced.
I am impressed by the results of Metabolic Balance® and I thank my coach Adele who has been there for me to give me support and guidance during the initial stages."

– Sarah Castro, London


Thank you to Metabolic Balance® UK Managing Director Gloria Parfitt for introducing the programme into the UK and running the Metabolic Balance® Coaching Programme for practitioners.