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Lucy Stephens – Associate & Founder, Natural Child Development / Reva Clinic

A qualified nutritionist, medical herbalist, psychoneuroimmunologist and teacher, Lucy has spent the last 13 years in the fields of child development and health. With 1st Class BSc (Hons) degrees in social psychology, herbal medicine and nutrition, and a PGCE in primary school teaching from the University of Cambridge, she now spends her time running a successful health consultancy, researching child development, and caring for her young children. Lucy is currently involved in setting up a democratic school in London, which incorporates all her knowledge of health, child development, evolutionary biology, learning and education. The long-term vision is to create a model for a school that is freely accessible to all children, and can be rolled out seamlessly to different areas of the country.

Lucy is fascinated by how the body’s design can be a blueprint for supporting children’s natural development and learning, and how this can be used to revolutionise education and lead to optimal adult health. She is excited by the possibility of sharing knowledge and growing a community that supports parents, educators and society as a whole, to have confidence and faith in our children’s innate learning abilities.

As the founder of Natural Child Development, Lucy believes passionately that we can make a difference to young children’s education and learning by supporting parents to see their role in shaping learning in the early years.

Lucy is currently on a sabbatical from her clinic whilst she focuses on the school project, although she is still working alongside Adele to support her client protocols with herbal medicine. Lucy is happy to be approached on any child health or development queries and will do her best to answer or point in the right direction for further support. Lucy also remains available for seminars, webinars or corporate workshops that focus on child health and education.

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In her own words

"What if we could find the right conditions for early childhood that will create the optimal environment for adult health? What if we could find a way to get all our children on the ‘I want to engage’ side of the fence? I believe we can. Do you believe it too?"