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Katie Sheen – Associate &  Founder, Soul Nutrition

Katie’s expertise and relaxed, practical teaching style inspires individuals to have the confidence to enjoy and put into practice the mindfulness techniques in which she specialises. She holds a Masters degree in Education, a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, and is a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.

Using a combination of mindfulness, positive psychology and nutritional support techniques to enhance wellness, Katie always ensures that her presentations are packed with relevant ideas to take away. She has led bespoke workshops for corporate clients including Deloitte, Adidas, Barclays, Barclaycard and Greater Manchester Police. She runs regular events, meditation classes, courses and retreats for the general public, and has presented at conferences to a wide range of audiences, where she enjoys teaching mindfulness designed to support the specific needs of those attending. She has also contributed to a number of magazines and websites, as well as appearing on local radio and BBC Breakfast News.

Katie has been practicing mindfulness in her own life for over 16 years. Her qualifications and experience have recently resulted in her joining the communications team responsible for the new ‘Be Calm, Be Happy’ six weeks mindfulness course. This was launched in 2016 by The Community of Interbeing, a registered educational charity that offers mindfulness in the tradition of Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh, who was proposed for a Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King in 1967.

Katie is a member of The Heart of Manchester and Stockport Sanghas, part of a growing network of Community of Interbeing groups composed of people from a wide range of faith backgrounds, who aspire to develop peace in themselves and in the world through the practice of mindful living. Katie continues to deepen her own practice by regularly attending retreats as well as her local Sanghas, and is therefore able to teach from her personal experience, including using mindfulness during being treated for and subsequently cured of cancer in 2015.

Katie founded the charity 'Astro Brain Tumour Fund' in 2000, which she still runs on an unpaid basis with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. Highly Recommended in the ‘Best New Initiatives’ category by the Beacon Fellowship in 2007, Astro Brain Tumour Fund has significantly increased the focus on low-grade (slow growing) brain tumours in the UK, running patient & carer information days in partnership with NHS trusts and funding research projects at leading neuro-oncology research centres across the UK.

They are currently working on groundbreaking case studies and the development of clinical trials with a focus on the potential use of ketogenic dietary therapy as an adjunct therapy for brain tumours, in partnership with the UK charities Matthew's Friends and Brain Tumour Research. From 2008-2011 Katie contributed as a Patient Representative to the British Neuro-Oncology Society Advisory Group, working with the Government’s Cancer Action Team on developing new NICE clinical guidelines for rare brain tumours.

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In her own words

"Adele and I first met at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition, with our friendship deepening throughout our four years of Nutrition study together. We always shared a strong desire to help people and transform the world into a happier, healthier place for all to enjoy. Gradually our interests broadened and whilst we still share such strong foundations, we now bring unique perspectives from further study and our different life experiences into a whole vision that we look forward to sharing with you."